The IGDORE Global Board regrets to announce that we terminated the affiliation of one of our researchers, Dr. Daniel Cebo, on October 1st 2020, for academic misconduct that breached the terms of IGDORE’s scientific Code of Conduct. This post will briefly describe the result of the IGDORE Global Board’s investigation into Dr. Cebo’s research integrity, the actions this led us to take, and how we hope to improve our affiliation process to reduce the likelihood of similar academic misconduct occurring at IGDORE in the future.

Dr. Cebo applied to join IGDORE in January 2020 and was accepted as a member in February. In May 2020, we noticed that he was the sole-author on an article published that month in the EPRA International Journal of Research and Development. As EPRA Journals is listed as a potentially predatory open-access publisher on an archive of Beall’s List, we contacted Dr. Cebo to enquire about his reasons for publishing his article there. Dr. Cebo never provided a direct response to our questions about this matter. When looking deeper into Dr. Cebo’s publication history we noticed that he had previously published several other articles at EPRA Journals and the Global Board decided to commence an investigation into his scientific integrity at the start of September 2020. …

From biomechanics to anarchism.

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Dr Dan Cleather

I currently run an online MSc in strength and conditioning (i.e. the science of physical preparation for sport). Prior to this, I worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the English Institute of Sport, helping Olympic athletes with their training. I have a PhD in bioengineering, and my research is mainly focussed on building computational models that can be used to estimate the muscle and joint contact forces that we experience during movement.

I love that I can show my affiliation to IGDORE alongside my employment at St Mary’s University, and people often ask what it means — giving me the opportunity to wax lyrical about the importance of open science. …

Dr Michelle King-Okoye is leading a team of researchers to examine why people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in developed countries are severely affected by COVID-19.

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Dr Michelle King-Okoye, IGDORE.

“I am saddened by the escalating deaths from COVID-19 among BAME populations and I am dedicated to ensuring that all marginalised communities are included in this research”

In her quest to unearth factors that contribute to the increasing mortality rates among people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in developed countries, Dr King-Okoye, a researcher at The Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE); an affiliated researcher of Ronin Institute and alumna of The University of Surrey, UK is leading an international team of researchers who aim to positively influence policy-making and improve healthcare in developed countries with the results of their study. …



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