In focus: Dan Cleather

From biomechanics to anarchism.

Recommencing our series of written interviews with researchers at IGDORE: Dr Dan Cleather, who is the program director for strength and conditioning at St Mary’s University in London, and works remotely from Prague. Daniel tells us about what sparked his interest in the philosophy of science and his current research on new paradigms for exercise during space exploration.

Dr Dan Cleather

1. Tell us a bit about your professional background.

I love that I can show my affiliation to IGDORE alongside my employment at St Mary’s University, and people often ask what it means — giving me the opportunity to wax lyrical about the importance of open science.

2. Why did you join IGDORE?

3. You began your research career studying biomechanics and yet you recently wrote a book on the philosophy of science. What sparked your interest in that field?

Anarchism gets a bad rap — it is not about burning things and fighting, but rather is about figuring out the best way to share the Earth’s resources equitably. It is about rejecting authority and finding ways to work together cooperatively.

The movement for open and replicable science is growing quickly and is helping to (re)create the academic norm of communality. In Subvert!, you suggested that principled subversion is another promising method of inquiry for scientists.

4. Could you imagine subversion becoming another large scale movement within academia?

5. What would your ideal work-life look like? Where would you live, where would you work, and how many hours would you work per week?

6. What are your professional plans for the next few years?

7. What would you like to see more or less of by (or within) IGDORE?

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