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On academic nomadism, open science, and IGDORE

Continuing our new series of written interviews with researchers at IGDORE: Dr. Enrico Fucci, nomadic neuroscientist and member of IGDORE’s Global Board. Originating from Italy, with a PhD from France, mostly residing on Fuerteventura (Spain) but currently spending three months in Senegal. We asked Enrico to describe a typical workday as an academic digital nomad, what he thinks about the current movement for open and replicable science, and what matters of heart he brings into IGDORE’s Global Board.

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Enrico’s current academic workdesk on a small island in Senegal.

I am not an office person and I realized that working during office hours was actually detrimental in terms of productivity. I also often asked myself why I had to sit in front of a computer at an office when I could do that at home, or while visiting my girlfriend who was living abroad or, even better, in front of the sea.

1. Tell us a bit about your professional background.

2. Why did you join IGDORE?

During my PhD years, I got to know academia for what it actually is: a highly bureaucratic machine which prioritizes values, skills and activities that have little to do with the hypothetical purpose of academia itself, which should be to create a supportive environment for scientific research to thrive.

3. You mainly live in Fuerteventura nowadays, but are also travelling a lot. How do you combine that with your scientific work? And how does a typical workday look like?

4. The movement for open and replicable science is growing quickly, in particular in some disciplines and some countries. Is there anything you would like to see more or less of in this movement?

5. How would your ideal work life look like? Where would you live, where would you work, and how many hours would you work per week?

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Dr. Enrico Fucci

6. What matters of heart do you bring into IGDORE’s Global Board?

7. What would you like to see more or less of by (or within) IGDORE?

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